Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Is here! What is next?

Our host (actually the leader of the team hosting the meeting) in San Diego, Scott Damrauer, deserved "Hi Fives" X 100 for their welcoming and hospitality!

Certainly the SATS-EAF officers will express the same and more when the groups annual report is issued...

The news is that Scott has retired and the family has returned to Ohio and are settled in. He will be missed by The Corps.
He has promised to stay in touch

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Chris said...

Semper Fi! I am a former 7011 and have just started a facebook group entitled USMC EAF. I have been looking at the old SATS-EAF org website and this blog but nothing appears to be "current" are you aware of a formal site that is current? I'd love to help out with the site and the facebook presence.

Chris Gripp